As a teacher I believe in student centered learning and incorporating real life skills and experiences into the classroom. I use a integrated learning concept where I combine multiple subjects to create a more interactive learning experience. I have student taught at Windsor high School and finished my practicum experience at Arcola High School.

Classes Taught

  • Freshman Composition
  • Freshman Literature
  • Junior American Literature (Of Mice and Men Fahrenheit 451)
  • Senior Literature (Romeo and Juliet Lord of the Flies)

Interesting Lesson Plans 

  • Integrated Classroom with Censorship using And Tango Makes Three paired with Fahrenheit 451
  • Blog Writing Lesson
  •  Memoir
  • Using Songs as Poetry and Poetry Slam
  • Essay Conferences 


  • Multicultralism
  • Women’s Literature 
  • Mexican American Literature
  • African American Literature
  • Life Writing

Technology in the Classroom

  • Website
  • Blog Writing
  • Tech Writing
  • Twitter Reminders

To see my full teaching portfolio please send an email to jen.hindes@gmail.com